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Summary of Qualifications

  • Currently Senior Research Engineer at SnapChat
  • 4 years of Software Engineering at Microsoft Corporation
  • 9 years of Company Management and Web/Software Development at TazeSoft
  • Preference of technically involved management positions or architecting systems to scale
  • Front-end development: Angular2, React, REST, JavaScript, Typescript, Bootstrap, JQuery, CSS
  • Back-end development: C++, C#, JAVA, Go Lang, SQL, No-SQL, Node.js
  • Mobile development: iPhone and Android
  • Team player, Self-driven, Advanced coding and debugging skills
  • Expert on making things scale and multi-threaded programming
  • Expert on Cloud Engineering: Load balancers, Appengine, Data Store, Big Query, Pub/Sub etc.
  • Fluent Interaction and UI designer with Adobe Photoshop and Sketch
  • Highest GPA (3.79/4.00) at Cukurova University Computer Engineering
  • Fluent English, Fluent Turkish, Beginner Spanish


Senior Research Engineer @ SnapChat (2016 – Current)

  • Lead engineer for developing a labeling platform to collect training data for Artificial Intelligence
  • Lead engineer for developing Line of Credit (Banking software that tracks all the payments)
  • Worked on building and training deep learning networks and running them at scale

Software Engineer 2 @ Microsoft Corp. (2012 - 2016)

  • Worked for Office Online Team for 2 years (Browser version of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote)
    • Implemented Co-authoring for Microsoft Office (50+ users editing same document)
  • Worked for Bing Team for 2 years (Knowledge of full stack of Microsoft’s Search Engine)
    • Implemented Distributed Durable Data Store with Replication and Atomic Operations
  • Content Delivery Network of Microsoft / Azure
    • Load Balancing and Global Resource Management
    • DoS (Denial of Service) and Bot Protection
    • Caching
  • Distributed Durable Data Store with Replication and Atomic Operations
  • Distributed Build Systems
  • Engineering Agility / Engineering Excellence
  • Testing Frameworks, Code Quality / Test Stability
  • Flighting/Experimentation Framework
  • Shipment (Deploying code to production) Management
  • Experience with being on call and dealing with live site issues
  • Advanced scripting with PowerShell for Tooling and Automation

Founder & Web Designer/Developer @ TazeSoft (2003 - 2012)

  • - Visit for all web design references
  • E-Commerce / Online Shopping Systems
  • Gesture Capturer via Webcam (Image processor to capture hand gestures via web cam)
  • Bulk SMS Sender Application for Corporates
  • Online multiplayer game development
  • Web Login Authentication with Cell Phone Password Generation
  • Development of physics and 3D simulation engine for submarines


Happy hour, Helicopters / Drones, Robots, Barbecuing, Horse Riding, Soccer, Foosball, Dancing, Hiking, Flute/Guitar